Class GrassBinaryRasterWriteHandler

    • Constructor Detail

      • GrassBinaryRasterWriteHandler

        public GrassBinaryRasterWriteHandler​(File destMapset,
                                             String newMapName,
                                             ProgressListener monitor)
        A constructor to build a GrassBinaryRasterWriteHandler usable for writing grass rasters.
        destMapset - the mapset file into which the map has to be written.
        newMapName - the name for the written map.
    • Method Detail

      • writeRaster

        public void writeRaster​(RenderedImage renderedImage,
                                int columns,
                                int rows,
                                double west,
                                double south,
                                double xRes,
                                double yRes,
                                double noDataValue)
                         throws IOException
        Writes the raster, given an raster iterator and region metadata.
        renderedImage - the RenderedImage to write.
        columns - the columns of the raster to write.
        rows - the rows of the raster to write.
        west - the western bound of the raster to write.
        south - the southern bound of the raster to write.
        xRes - the east-west resolution of the raster to write.
        yRes - the north-south resolution of the raster to write.
        noDataValue - the value representing noData.
      • getWriteRegion

        public JGrassRegion getWriteRegion()
                                    throws IOException
        Calculates the region that is going to be written.
        the region that will be written by this Writer.
      • setWriteRegion

        public void setWriteRegion​(JGrassRegion writeRegion)
      • setNoData

        public void setNoData​(double noData)
        Setter for the noData value.
        noData - the nodata value to set.
      • getNoData

        public double getNoData()
        Getter for the noData value.
        the nodata value.
      • getCrs

        public CoordinateReferenceSystem getCrs()
                                         throws IOException
        Reads the crs definition for the map.

        The definition for grass maps is held in the location. Grass projection definitions are usually in a non parsable internal format. In JGrass we ask the user to choose the CRS. If the user doesn't do so, the CRS will result to be undefined.

        the CoordinateReferenceSystem for the map. Null if it is not defined.
        IOException - if there were problems in parsing the CRS file.
      • abort

        public void abort()
        sets the abortrequired flag to true.

        As soon as possible that should abort the reader.

      • isAborting

        public boolean isAborting()
        Getter for the abortrequired flag.
        the abortRequired flag.