Interface InterpolationPoint

  • public interface InterpolationPoint
    The InterpolationPoints have to be specified in ascending order of Data. They define a graph of points. LookupValues less than the Data value of the first InterpolationPoint are mapped to its corresponding Value. Accordingly, LookupValues greater than the Data value of the last InterpolationPoint are mapped to the Value of this one. LookupValues between two InterpolationPoints are interpolated between the corresponding Values.

    Only numeric quantities are allowed for LookupValue and Data. Values are usually numeric as well. The interpolation of color-values requires the attribute mode="color" at the Interpolate element.s

    Johann Sorel (Geomatys)
    • Method Detail

      • getValue

        Expression getValue()
        Get value.

        The Values can be of any type, dependent on which symbolization context the function is employed. Color values (like #00ffff) or numeric values are typical.

      • getData

        double getData()
        Get data.