Class FilterToTextUtil

  • public final class FilterToTextUtil
    extends Object
    The method of this utility class allows to build the CQL/ECQL predicate associated to a Filter.

    Warning: This component is not published. It is part of module implementation. Client module should not use this feature.

    Mauricio Pazos
    • Method Detail

      • asStringBuilder

        public static StringBuilder asStringBuilder​(Object extraData)
        Process the possibly user supplied extraData parameter into a StringBuilder.
      • buildInclude

        public static Object buildInclude​(Object extraData)
      • buildExclude

        public static Object buildExclude​(Object extraData)
      • buildBinaryLogicalOperator

        public static Object buildBinaryLogicalOperator​(String operator,
                                                        FilterVisitor visitor,
                                                        BinaryLogicOperator filter,
                                                        Object extraData)
        builds: left predicate AND right predicate
      • buildBetween

        public static Object buildBetween​(PropertyIsBetween filter,
                                          Object extraData)
      • buildNot

        public static Object buildNot​(FilterVisitor filterToCQL,
                                      Not filter,
                                      Object extraData)
      • buildComparison

        public static Object buildComparison​(BinaryComparisonOperator filter,
                                             Object extraData,
                                             String operator)
        Builds a comparison predicate inserting the operato1 or operator2 taking into account the PropertyName position in the comparison filter.
        operator - an operator
      • buildIsLike

        public static Object buildIsLike​(PropertyIsLike filter,
                                         Object extraData)
      • buildIsNull

        public static Object buildIsNull​(PropertyIsNull filter,
                                         Object extraData)
      • buildBBOX

        public static Object buildBBOX​(BBOX filter,
                                       Object extraData)
      • buildDistanceBufferOperation

        public static Object buildDistanceBufferOperation​(String geoOperation,
                                                          DistanceBufferOperator filter,
                                                          Object extraData)
      • buildDWithin

        public static Object buildDWithin​(DWithin filter,
                                          Object extraData)
      • buildDWithin

        public static Object buildDWithin​(DWithin filter,
                                          Object extraData,
                                          ExpressionToText visitor)
      • buildBinarySpatialOperator

        public static Object buildBinarySpatialOperator​(String spatialOperator,
                                                        BinarySpatialOperator filter,
                                                        Object extraData)
      • buildBinaryTemporalOperator

        public static Object buildBinaryTemporalOperator​(String temporalOperator,
                                                         BinaryTemporalOperator filter,
                                                         Object extraData)
      • buildDuring

        public static Object buildDuring​(During during,
                                         Object extraData)