Class OverlapsImpl

    • Method Detail

      • evaluateInternal

        public boolean evaluateInternal​(Geometry left,
                                        Geometry right)
        Description copied from class: GeometryFilterImpl
        Performs the calculation on the two geometries.
        Specified by:
        evaluateInternal in class GeometryFilterImpl
        left - the geometry on the left of the equations (the geometry obtained from evaluating Expression1)
        right - the geometry on the right of the equations (the geometry obtained from evaluating Expression2)
        true if the filter evaluates to true for the two geometries
      • accept

        public Object accept​(FilterVisitor visitor,
                             Object extraData)
        Description copied from interface: Filter
        Accepts a visitor.

        Implementations of all subinterfaces must have with a method whose content is the following:

        return visitor.visit(this, extraData);
        Specified by:
        accept in interface Filter