Class GeometryTypeConverterFactory

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    public class GeometryTypeConverterFactory
    extends Object
    implements ConverterFactory
    Converter factory performing conversions among JTS geometries of different types.

    - single type geometries (Point, LineString, Polygon) are converted to multi types (MultiPoint, LineString, MultiPolygon) containing 1 geometry element. - GeometryCollection(s) are converted to multi types, converting each element to the permitted type (Point, LineString or Polygon).

    • Constructor Detail

      • GeometryTypeConverterFactory

        public GeometryTypeConverterFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • createConverter

        public Converter createConverter​(Class<?> source,
                                         Class<?> target,
                                         Hints hints)
        Description copied from interface: ConverterFactory
        Creates a Converter instance for converting one type of object to another.
        Specified by:
        createConverter in interface ConverterFactory
        source - The type to convert from.
        target - The type to convert to.
        hints - Hints used to be used while creating a converter.
        The converter, or null if one could not be found.
      • copyUserProperties

        protected void copyUserProperties​(Geometry sourceGeometry,
                                          Geometry destGeometry)