Class ShapefileDirectoryFactory

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      • ShapefileDirectoryFactory

        public ShapefileDirectoryFactory()
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      • canProcess

        public boolean canProcess​(Map<String,​?> params)
        Description copied from interface: DataAccessFactory
        Test to see if this factory is suitable for processing the data pointed to by the params map.

        If this datasource requires a number of parameters then this mehtod should check that they are all present and that they are all valid. If the datasource is a file reading data source then the extentions or mime types of any files specified should be checked. For example, a Shapefile datasource should check that the url param ends with shp, such tests should be case insensative.

        Specified by:
        canProcess in interface DataAccessFactory
        canProcess in class ShapefileDataStoreFactory
        params - The full set of information needed to construct a live data source.
        booean true if and only if this factory can process the resource indicated by the param set and all the required params are pressent.