Class CollectionSource<T>

  • public final class CollectionSource<T>
    extends Object
    Used to quickly adapt a collection for APIs expecting to be able to query generic content.

    Please note that this is read-only access.

    Jody Garnett
    • Constructor Detail

      • CollectionSource

        public CollectionSource​(Collection<T> collection)
    • Method Detail

      • content

        public Collection<T> content()
      • content

        public Collection<T> content​(String query,
                                     String queryLanguage)
      • content

        public Collection<T> content​(Filter filter)
      • content

        public Collection<T> content​(Filter filter,
                                     int countLimit)
      • describe

        public Object describe()
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
      • getName

        public Name getName()
      • setTransaction

        public void setTransaction​(Transaction t)