Class FeatureChainedAttributeVisitor.FeatureChainLink

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class FeatureChainedAttributeVisitor.FeatureChainLink
    extends Object
    Represents a single link in the "chain" of feature types that need to be linked to go from the root type to a nested attribute.

    The class is public as its purpose is to convey information to clients, but instantiation and manipulation of its internal state is private.

    Stefano Costa, GeoSolutions
    • Method Detail

      • getFeatureTypeMapping

        public FeatureTypeMapping getFeatureTypeMapping()
        Gets the mapping configuration of the linked feature type.
        the linked feature type mapping
      • getNestedFeatureAttribute

        public NestedAttributeMapping getNestedFeatureAttribute()
        Gets the mapping configuration of the attribute holding the next nested feature in the chain.
        the nested attribute mapping, or null if there are no more nested features in the chain
      • isChainingByReference

        public boolean isChainingByReference()
        Returns true if this FeatureChainedAttributeVisitor.FeatureChainLink instance represents a chaining-by-reference mapping, i.e. nested feature is not fully encoded inline, only xlink:href attribute is set.
        true if this is chaining by reference, false otherwise
      • isJoiningNestedMapping

        public boolean isJoiningNestedMapping()
        Returns true if joining support is enabled for the nested attribute mapping.
        true if joining support is enabled for this chain link, false otherwise
      • hasNestedFeature

        public boolean hasNestedFeature()
        Returns true if this link refers to a nested feature type which in turn contains another nested feature.
        true if there is another nested feature in the chain, false otherwise
      • getAlias

        public String getAlias()
        Unique identifier of a link in the chain; mainly useful when SQL encoding the feature chained attribute.
        a unique identifier of the link