Class Types

  • public class Types
    extends Types
    This is a set of utility methods used when implementing types.

    This set of classes captures the all important how does it work questions, particularly with respect to super types.

    Jody Garnett (Refractions Research), Justin Deoliveira (The Open Planning Project)
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      • Types

        public Types()
    • Method Detail

      • isElement

        public static boolean isElement​(ComplexType type,
                                        Name att)
        Return true if an attribute from a type is an element.
        type - The type to search in.
        att - The attribute name.
        True if the attribute exists in the type and is an element.
      • isSimpleContentType

        public static boolean isSimpleContentType​(PropertyType type)
        Return true if the type is either a simple type or has a simple type as its supertype. In particular, complex types with simple content will return true.
      • isGeometryType

        public static boolean isGeometryType​(AttributeType type)
      • canHaveTextContent

        public static boolean canHaveTextContent​(PropertyType type)
        Returns true if the type is either xs:anyType or is derived from xs:anyType by extension and has mixed content.


          <complexType name="TestType">
              <extension base="anyType">
                <attribute name="attr1" type="string" />