Interface FieldType

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    public interface FieldType
    A FieldType describes a measure/observation/forecast of a certain quantity. A FieldType may be a scalar (numeric or text) value, such as population density, or a vector of many similar values, such as incomes by race, or radiance by wavelength.

    A FieldType has an associated quantity from the JScience project since the goal of a FieldType is to describe a Quantity. Note that I am referring to quantity in the broader term here. As an instance a FieldType could describe the bands of a synthetic RGB image. Now, there might not be a real physical quantity (like Temperature or Pressure) associated to such a quantity, but still we want to be able to capture somehow the concept of digital number as the represented quantity as well as the concept of the bands index or textual representation for the bands.

    Note that in our proposal a FieldType shall always contain at least one Axis.

    Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions