Class NetCDFCFParser

  • public class NetCDFCFParser
    extends Object
    A NetCDF CF (ClimateForecast) parser.

    It can be used to load from a standard name table (XML) all the available CF compliant standard names and the related information, such as canonical units, descriptions and alias.

    See CF Convention: Standard names

    • Method Detail

      • hasEntryId

        public boolean hasEntryId​(String id)
      • hasAliasId

        public boolean hasAliasId​(String id)
      • getEntry

        public Entry getEntry​(String id)
      • getEntryIds

        public Set<String> getEntryIds()
      • getEntryFromAlias

        public Entry getEntryFromAlias​(String id)
      • unmarshallXml

        public static NetCDFCFParser unmarshallXml​(File file)
                                            throws JAXBException
        Create a NetCDFCFParser instance for the specified file.