Class NestedAttributeExpression

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Expression, PropertyName

    public class NestedAttributeExpression
    extends AttributeExpressionImpl
    This class represents a list of expressions broken up from a single XPath expression that is nested in more than one feature. The purpose is to allow filtering these attributes on the parent feature.
    Rini Angreani (CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering)
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      • accept

        public Object accept​(ExpressionVisitor visitor,
                             Object extraData)
        Description copied from class: AttributeExpressionImpl
        Used by FilterVisitors to perform some action on this filter instance. Typicaly used by Filter decoders, but may also be used by any thing which needs infomration from filter structure. Implementations should always call: visitor.visit(this); It is importatant that this is not left to a parent class unless the parents API is identical.
        Specified by:
        accept in interface Expression
        accept in class AttributeExpressionImpl
        visitor - The visitor which requires access to this filter, the method must call visitor.visit(this);