Package org.geotools.api.filter

Filters features according their properties. A filter expression is a construct used to constraints the property values of an object type for the purpose of identifying a subset of object instances to be operated upon in some manner.

The following is adapted from the OpenGIS® Filter Encoding Implementation Specification:

Comparison operators

A comparison operator is used to form expressions that evaluate the mathematical comparison between two arguments. If the arguments satisfy the comparison then the expression evaluates to true. Otherwise the expression evaluates to false.

In addition to the standard set (=,<,>, >=,<=,<>) of comparison operators, this package defines the elements PropertyIsLike, PropertyIsBetween and PropertyIsNull.

Logical operators

A logical operator can be used to combine one or more conditional expressions. The logical operator And evaluates to true if all the combined expressions evaluate to true. The operator Or operator evaluates to true is any of the combined expressions evaluate to true. The Not operator reverses the logical value of an expression. The elements And, Or and Not can be used to combine scalar, spatial and other logical expressions to form more complex compound expressions.


Identity can be checked using Id, selected objects will are matched against a set of org.geotools.api.filter.identiy.Identifier.