Class YamlObject<T>

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    YamlMap, YamlSeq

    public class YamlObject<T>
    extends Object
    Base class for Yaml object wrappers.

    Yaml is represented as atomic types (literals, expressions) and YamlObjects (for wrapping lists and maps). The factory method create(Object) will sort out the details. These YamlObjects are used to stage data when parsing a Yaml document.

    • Field Detail

      • raw

        protected T raw
        underlying raw object
    • Constructor Detail

      • YamlObject

        protected YamlObject​(T raw)
    • Method Detail

      • create

        public static <W> YamlObject<W> create​(W raw)
        Convert raw object to Yaml wrapper.

        Other data (Literals, Expressions) are considered atomic and do not provide a YamlObject representation.
        Yaml object wrapper, or null if the provided raw object is null.
      • lookup

        public Object lookup​(String path)
        Raw value access via path.

        Indended for quick value lookup during test cases.

        • raw("1"): first value in a sequence
        • raw("x"): value for "x" in a map
        • raw("rules/2/symbolizers/3"): third symbolizer in second rule
        raw value, or null if not available
      • raw

        public T raw()
        Returns the raw object.
      • convert

        protected <C> C convert​(Object obj,
                                Class<C> clazz)
        Converts an object to the specified class.
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Yaml representation.
        toString in class Object
        Yaml representation