Class BingTileIdentifier

  • public class BingTileIdentifier
    extends TileIdentifier
    The TileIdentifier implementation for the BingMaps family. This identifier follows the grid logic of similar implementations. The different characteristic of a BingTileIdentifier is the use of quadkey to locate a tile in the grid space. Please refer to Since:
    Ugo Taddei
    • Constructor Detail

      • BingTileIdentifier

        public BingTileIdentifier​(int x,
                                  int y,
                                  ZoomLevel zoomLevel,
                                  String serviceName)
        Creates a new BingTileIdentifier.
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        public String getId()
        Description copied from class: TileIdentifier
        Gets the id of a tile, which can be used for caching purposes.

        The id is a file-friendly name (that is, should contains no special characters such as ".", "/", etc. The id should be build from the code (which also uniquely identifies a tile, but, in some service implementation may contain file-unfriendly characters (e.g. OpenStreetMap: 5/16/10.png).

        When building an id, you should use the service name as a prefix (e.g. for OpenStreetMap: "Mapnik", "CycleMap"; Bing Maps: "Road", "Hybrid"; etc) and suffix the id with a file-friendly string (e.g. OpenStreetMap: "Mapnik_X_Y_Z").

        Specified by:
        getId in class TileIdentifier
      • getCode

        public String getCode()
        Description copied from class: TileIdentifier
        Gets the code of a tile.

        The id is a string which uniquely identifies a tile. In some service implementations this is a quadkey (e.g. Bing Maps: "03123") or the fragment of the tile image (e.g. OpenStreetMap: 5/16/10.png, for Z/X/Y.png).

        Specified by:
        getCode in class TileIdentifier
        the code