Class StyleAttributeExtractorTruncated

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ExpressionVisitor, FilterVisitor, StyleVisitor

    public class StyleAttributeExtractorTruncated
    extends StyleAttributeExtractor
    implements StyleVisitor
    A simple visitor whose purpose is to extract the set of attributes used by a Style, that is, those that the Style expects to find in order to work properly

    This is very similiar to StyleAttributeExtractor, but with these differences: a) it doesnt the count the tag in the b) it doesnt count anything in the 's tag c) it doesnt count anything in the 's

    The reasons for this are because these fields are ALWAYS taken directly from the feature, not from the style.

    So, for making queries (knowing any property that might be possibily be used in the SLD), use StyleAttributeExtractor. If you want to know what a symbolizer actually needs to cache, then use this (StyleAttributeExtractorTruncated).