Class LabelCacheItem

    • Method Detail

      • getGoodnessOfFit

        public double getGoodnessOfFit()
      • setGoodnessOfFit

        public void setGoodnessOfFit​(double goodnessOfFit)
        A value between 0 and 1 representing the portion of the label that overlaps with the geometry (atm used only for polygons)
      • getLabel

        public String getLabel()
      • setLabel

        public void setLabel​(String l)
      • getSpaceAround

        public int getSpaceAround()
        space around - "dont put any label near me by this # of pixels"
      • setSpaceAround

        public void setSpaceAround​(int space)
        space around - "dont put any label near me by this # of pixels"
      • getPriority

        public double getPriority()
      • setPriority

        public void setPriority​(double d)
      • getLayerIds

        public Set<String> getLayerIds()
        Return a modifiable set of ids
      • getGeoms

        public List<Geometry> getGeoms()
        The list of geometries this item maintains
      • getTextStyle

        public TextStyle2D getTextStyle()
        The textstyle that is used to label the shape.
      • getGeometry

        public Geometry getGeometry()
        Returns an example geometry from the list of geometries.
      • getMaxDisplacement

        public int getMaxDisplacement()
        Max amount of pixels the label will be moved around trying to find a non conflicting location (how and if the moving will be done is geometry type dependent)
      • setMaxDisplacement

        public void setMaxDisplacement​(int maxDisplacement)
      • getDisplacementAngles

        public int[] getDisplacementAngles()
        defines the actual angle towards which displacement of label will take place (applies only in polygon or point features)
      • setDisplacementAngles

        public void setDisplacementAngles​(int[] displacementAngles)
      • getRepeat

        public int getRepeat()
        When enabled, repeats labels every "repeat" pixels (works on lines only atm)
      • setRepeat

        public void setRepeat​(int repeat)
      • labelAllGroup

        public boolean labelAllGroup()
        When grouping, wheter we should label only the biggest geometry, or the others as well
      • setLabelAllGroup

        public void setLabelAllGroup​(boolean labelAllGroup)
      • removeGroupOverlaps

        public boolean removeGroupOverlaps()
      • setRemoveGroupOverlaps

        public void setRemoveGroupOverlaps​(boolean removeGroupOverlaps)
      • allowOverruns

        public boolean allowOverruns()
        Wheter labels are allowed to go past the start/end of the line
      • setAllowOverruns

        public void setAllowOverruns​(boolean allowOverruns)
      • getMinGroupDistance

        public int getMinGroupDistance()
      • setMinGroupDistance

        public void setMinGroupDistance​(int minGroupDistance)
        Minimum cartesian distance between two labels in the same group, in pixels
      • isFollowLineEnabled

        public boolean isFollowLineEnabled()
        Enables curved labels on linear features
      • setFollowLineEnabled

        public void setFollowLineEnabled​(boolean followLineEnabled)
      • getMaxAngleDelta

        public double getMaxAngleDelta()
        Max angle between two subsequence characters in a curved label, in degrees. Good visual results are obtained with an angle of less than 25 degrees.
      • setMaxAngleDelta

        public void setMaxAngleDelta​(double maxAngleDelta)
      • getAutoWrap

        public int getAutoWrap()
        Automatically wraps long labels when the label width, in pixels, exceeds the autowrap length
      • setAutoWrap

        public void setAutoWrap​(int autoWrap)
      • isForceLeftToRightEnabled

        public boolean isForceLeftToRightEnabled()
        If enabled, text will be forced to follow a left to right alignement (that makes it readable) no matter what the natural orientation of the line is
      • setForceLeftToRightEnabled

        public void setForceLeftToRightEnabled​(boolean forceLeftToRight)
      • isConflictResolutionEnabled

        public boolean isConflictResolutionEnabled()
        Checks if conflict resolution has been enabled for this label
      • setConflictResolutionEnabled

        public void setConflictResolutionEnabled​(boolean conflictResolutionEnabled)
        Sets conflict resolution for this label. When on, this label outline/bbox will be stored in the conflict resolution map and will prevent every other label to be drawn in the same area
      • getGraphicMargin

        public int[] getGraphicMargin()
      • setGraphicMargin

        public void setGraphicMargin​(int[] graphicMargin)
      • isPartialsEnabled

        public boolean isPartialsEnabled()
      • setPartialsEnabled

        public void setPartialsEnabled​(boolean partialsEnabled)
      • isTextUnderlined

        public boolean isTextUnderlined()
      • setTextUnderlined

        public void setTextUnderlined​(boolean textUnderlined)
      • isTextStrikethrough

        public boolean isTextStrikethrough()
      • setTextStrikethrough

        public void setTextStrikethrough​(boolean textStrikethrough)
      • getWordSpacing

        public double getWordSpacing()
      • setWordSpacing

        public void setWordSpacing​(double wordSpacing)
      • getFontShrinkSizeMin

        public int getFontShrinkSizeMin()
      • setFontShrinkSizeMin

        public void setFontShrinkSizeMin​(int fontShrinkSize)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object