Class AzimuthalEquidistant.Ellipsoidal

    • Field Detail

      • geodesic

        protected transient Geodesic geodesic
        Geodesic calculator used for this projection. Not used and set to null for polar projections.
      • Mp

        protected final double Mp
        Meridian distance from the equator to the pole. Not used and set to NaN for non-polar projections.
    • Method Detail

      • transformNormalized

        protected Point2D transformNormalized​(double lambda,
                                              double phi,
                                              Point2D ptDst)
                                       throws ProjectionException
        Forward transform from longitude/latitude in radians to projected coordinates.
        Specified by:
        transformNormalized in class MapProjection
        lambda - The longitude of the coordinate, in radians.
        phi - The latitude of the coordinate, in radians.
        ptDst - the specified coordinate point that stores the result of transforming ptSrc, or null. Ordinates will be in a dimensionless unit, as a linear distance on a unit sphere or ellipse.
        the coordinate point after transforming (lambda, phi) and storing the result in ptDst.
        ProjectionException - if the point can't be transformed.
        See Also:
        MapProjection.transformNormalized(double, double, java.awt.geom.Point2D)