Class WMTSSpecification

  • public class WMTSSpecification
    extends Specification
    WMTS version 1.0.0 specification.

    Used to create GetCapabilities and GetTile requests.

    GetTile request are separated into three different objects:

    • GetMultiTileRequest - Used to get a set of tiles within an extent
    • GetKVPTileRequest - Used to get a tile request with query string parameters
    • GetRestTileRequest - Used to get a tile request with url based on resourceurl in capabilities
    ian, Emanuele Tajariol (etj at geo-solutions dot it)
    • Constructor Detail

      • WMTSSpecification

        public WMTSSpecification()
    • Method Detail

      • getVersion

        public String getVersion()
        Description copied from class: Specification
        Expected version attribute for root element.
        Specified by:
        getVersion in class Specification
        the version as a String
      • createGetCapabilitiesRequest

        public GetCapabilitiesRequest createGetCapabilitiesRequest​(URL server)
        Description copied from class: Specification
        Factory method to create GetCapabilities Request
        Specified by:
        createGetCapabilitiesRequest in class Specification
        server - the URL that points to the server's getCapabilities document
        a configured GetCapabilitiesRequest that can be used to access the Document
      • processKey

        public static String processKey​(String key)