Class OrthoLineBuilder

  • public class OrthoLineBuilder
    extends Object
    A builder to generate a grid of horizontal and/or vertical ortho-lines.
    • Constructor Detail

      • OrthoLineBuilder

        public OrthoLineBuilder​(ReferencedEnvelope gridBounds)
        Creates a new builder for the specified envelope.
        gridBounds - bounds of the area for which lines will be generated
    • Method Detail

      • buildGrid

        public void buildGrid​(Collection<OrthoLineDef> lineDefs,
                              GridFeatureBuilder lineFeatureBuilder,
                              double vertexSpacing,
                              ListFeatureCollection fc)
        Creates line features according to the provided OrthoLineDef objects and places them into the provided ListFeatureCollection. Densified lines (lines strings with additional vertices along their length) can be created by setting the value of vertexSpacing greater than zero; if so, any lines more than twice as long as this value will be densified.
        lineDefs - line definitions specifying the orientation, spacing and level of lines
        lineFeatureBuilder - the feature build to create SimpleFeatures from line elements
        vertexSpacing - maximum distance between adjacent vertices along a line
        fc - the feature collection into which generated line features are placed