Class GML3ParsingUtils

  • public class GML3ParsingUtils
    extends Object
    Utility class for gml3 parsing.
    Justin Deoliveira, The Open Planning Project,
    • Constructor Detail

      • GML3ParsingUtils

        public GML3ParsingUtils()
    • Method Detail

      • parseFeature

        public static SimpleFeature parseFeature​(ElementInstance instance,
                                                 Node node,
                                                 Object value,
                                                 FeatureTypeCache ftCache,
                                                 BindingWalkerFactory bwFactory)
                                          throws Exception
        Utility method to implement Binding.parse for a binding which parses into A feature.
        instance - The instance being parsed.
        node - The parse tree.
        value - The value from the last binding in the chain.
        ftCache - The feature type cache.
        bwFactory - Binding walker factory.
        A feature.
      • dimensions

        public static int dimensions​(Node node)
        Returns the number of dimensions for the specified node, eventually recursing up to find the parent node that has the indication of the dimensions (normally the top-most geometry element has it, not the posList). If no srsDimension can be found, check the srsName the same way and return the srsDimensions instead. Returns 2 if no srsDimension or srsName attribute could be found.
      • getCurvedGeometryFactory

        public static CurvedGeometryFactory getCurvedGeometryFactory​(ArcParameters arcParameters,
                                                                     GeometryFactory gFactory,
                                                                     CoordinateSequence cs)
        Returns a curved geometry factory given the linearization constraints, the original factory, and a coordinate sequence representing the control points of a curved geometry