Class ApplicationSchemaConfiguration

  • public class ApplicationSchemaConfiguration
    extends Configuration
    An xml configuration for application schemas.

    This Configuration expects the namespace and schema location URI of the main xsd file for a given application schema and is able to resolve the schema location for the includes and imports as well as they're defined as relative paths and the provided schemaLocation is a file URI.

    Justin Deoliveira, The Open Planning Project, Gabriel Roldan, Axios Engineering
    • Constructor Detail

      • ApplicationSchemaConfiguration

        public ApplicationSchemaConfiguration​(String namespace,
                                              String schemaLocation)
    • Method Detail

      • registerBindings

        protected void registerBindings​(MutablePicoContainer container)
        Description copied from class: Configuration
        Registers the bindings for the configuration.

        This method is intended to provide the default bindings for a configuration and is intended to be subclassed by client code. Client code should use Configuration.configureBindings(MutablePicoContainer) . Subclasses should mark this method as final after implementing.

        registerBindings in class Configuration
        container - Container containing all bindings, keyed by QName.