Interface WFSResponseFactory

    • Method Detail

      • isAvailable

        boolean isAvailable()
        Indicates whether the factory instance is able to create parser instances.
        true if there's nothing preventing the creation of the parsers this factory should produce
      • canProcess

        boolean canProcess​(WFSRequest originatingRequest,
                           String contentType)
        Indicates whether this factory is able to produce a parser that deals with the possible responses of the given WFS request.

        The decision may usually be made depending on the request type, ouput format, etc

        true if this factory can create a parser for the responses of the given request
      • createResponse

        WFSResponse createResponse​(WFSRequest request,
                                   HTTPResponse response)
                            throws IOException
        Creates a response parser for the given WFS response.
        response - the handle to the response contents the WFS sent
        a WFSResponseParser that can deal with the given WFS response
      • getSupportedOutputFormats

        List<String> getSupportedOutputFormats()