Class WFSRequest

    • Method Detail

      • getOutputFormat

        public String getOutputFormat()
      • getHandle

        public String getHandle()
      • setHandle

        public void setHandle​(String handle)
      • setOutputFormat

        public void setOutputFormat​(String outputFormat)
        outputFormat - the outputFormat to set
      • setTypeName

        public void setTypeName​(QName typeName)
      • getTypeName

        public QName getTypeName()
      • requiresPost

        public boolean requiresPost()
        Description copied from class: AbstractRequest
        Default to not requiring POST. Implementors can override if they need to.
        Specified by:
        requiresPost in interface Request
        requiresPost in class AbstractRequest
        true if this request needs POST support, false otherwise.
      • initService

        protected void initService()
        Description copied from class: AbstractRequest
        Implementing subclass requests must specify their own "SERVICE" value. Example: setProperty("SERVICE", "WFS");
        Specified by:
        initService in class AbstractRequest
      • initVersion

        protected void initVersion()
        Description copied from class: AbstractRequest
        Sets up the version number for this request. Typically something like setProperty("VERSION", "1.1.1");
        Specified by:
        initVersion in class AbstractRequest
      • getFinalURL

        public URL getFinalURL()
        Description copied from interface: Request
        Once the properties of the request are configured, this will return the URL that points to the server and contains all of the appropriate name/value parameters.
        Specified by:
        getFinalURL in interface Request
        getFinalURL in class AbstractRequest
        a URL that can be used to issue the request
        See Also:
      • createResponse

        public WFSResponse createResponse​(HTTPResponse response)
                                   throws IOException
        Description copied from interface: Request
        Each Request must know how to create it's counterpart Response. Given the content type and input stream (containin the response data), this method must return an appropriate Response object.
        Specified by:
        createResponse in interface Request
      • toString

        public String toString()
        toString in class Object