Class GeneralizationInfo

  • public class GeneralizationInfo
    extends Object
    Container having a base feature and 0..n generalizations

    The base feature is the original feature for which generalizations were build

    The feature type of the base feature is the feature type of a PregeneralizedFeature, except geometry properties holding generalized geometries

    if a generalized geometry is stored in a different feature source, this feature source must include all non geometry properties from the baseFeatureSource

    Christian Mueller
    • Method Detail

      • getFeatureName

        public String getFeatureName()
      • getBaseFeatureName

        public String getBaseFeatureName()
      • getGeomPropertyName

        public String getGeomPropertyName()
      • getGeneralizationForDistance

        public Generalization getGeneralizationForDistance​(Double requestedDistance)
        The proper Generalization for the requested distance, null if no proper distance found example: Given are generalizations for 10.0 and 20 0<= requestedDistance < 10 ---> return null 10<= requestedDistance < 20 ---> return distance info for 10.0 20<= requestedDistance ---> return distance info for 20.0
      • getDataSourceName

        public String getDataSourceName()
        data source name for base feature.
      • setDataSourceName

        public void setDataSourceName​(String dataSourceName)
      • getDataSourceNameSpace

        public String getDataSourceNameSpace()
        workspace name for base feature, my be null
      • setDataSourceNameSpace

        public void setDataSourceNameSpace​(String namespace)
      • validate

        public void validate()
                      throws IOException
        Validates not null instance variables
        IOException - 1)if data source, feature name, base feature name or geometry property name is null 2) if the validation of generalizations fails