Class ReprojectFeatureIterator

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, AutoCloseable, Iterator<SimpleFeature>, SimpleFeatureIterator, FeatureIterator<SimpleFeature>

    public class ReprojectFeatureIterator
    extends Object
    implements Iterator<SimpleFeature>, SimpleFeatureIterator
    ReprojectFeatureReader provides a reprojection for FeatureTypes.

    ReprojectFeatureReader is a wrapper used to reproject GeometryAttributes to a user supplied CoordinateReferenceSystem from the original CoordinateReferenceSystem supplied by the original FeatureReader.

    Example Use:

     ReprojectFeatureReader reader =
         new ReprojectFeatureReader( originalReader, reprojectCS );
     CoordinateReferenceSystem originalCS =
     CoordinateReferenceSystem newCS =
     assertEquals( reprojectCS, newCS );
    TODO: handle the case where there is more than one geometry and the other geometries have a different CS than the default geometry
    jgarnett, Refractions Research, Inc., aaime, $Author: jive $ (last modification)