Class EnviHdrFormat

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    public final class EnviHdrFormat
    extends BaseGDALGridFormat
    implements Format
    Mathew Wyatt, CSIRO Australia, Daniele Romagnoli, GeoSolutions SAS
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      • EnviHdrFormat

        public EnviHdrFormat()
        Constructor for the BaseGDALGridFormat. It is invoked by the underlying implementations.
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      • getReader

        public EnviHdrReader getReader​(Object source,
                                       Hints hints)
        Description copied from class: AbstractGridFormat
        Gets a GridCoverageReader for this format able to create coverages out of the source object using the provided hints.

        In case this Format cannot reader the provided source object null is returned.

        Specified by:
        getReader in class AbstractGridFormat
        source - The source object to parse. *
        hints - The Hints to use when trying to instantiate this reader.
        A reader for this Format or null.
        See Also:, Hints)