Interface RangeType

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    public interface RangeType
    Defines the fields (categories, measures, or values) in the range records available for each location in the coverage domain. Each such field may be a scalar (numeric or text) value, such as population density, or a vector (compound or tensor) of many similar values, such as incomes by race, or radiances by wavelength.
    Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions
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      • getNumFieldTypes

        int getNumFieldTypes()
        Get the Number of FieldTypes in the range
        number of measure types
      • getFieldTypes

        Set<FieldType> getFieldTypes()
        Get all the measure types of this Coverage type
        Set of FieldType instances
      • getFieldType

        FieldType getFieldType​(String name)
        Get the FieldType by name
        name - name of the FieldType in the form "nameSpace:localPart". In case of no nameSpace, the simple "localPart" section need to be provided
        FieldType instance or null if not found