Class GeoTiffIIOMetadataEncoder

  • public class GeoTiffIIOMetadataEncoder
    extends Object
    This class is responsible for encoding the geotiff tags into suitable metadata for the ImageIO library.

    Basically it is and encoder/adapter that collects all the different tags, order it accordingly to the spec and then organize then into a dom tree ready to be used by the ImageIO metadata mechanism.

    Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions
    • Field Detail


        public static final String ASCII_SEPARATOR
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    • Constructor Detail

      • GeoTiffIIOMetadataEncoder

        public GeoTiffIIOMetadataEncoder()
      • GeoTiffIIOMetadataEncoder

        public GeoTiffIIOMetadataEncoder​(int geoTIFFVersion,
                                         int keyRevisionMajor,
                                         int keyRevisionMinor)
    • Method Detail

      • isTiffUShort

        public static boolean isTiffUShort​(int value)
      • getGeoTIFFVersion

        public int getGeoTIFFVersion()
      • setGeoTIFFVersion

        public void setGeoTIFFVersion​(int version)
      • getKeyRevisionMajor

        public int getKeyRevisionMajor()
      • getKeyRevisionMinor

        public int getKeyRevisionMinor()
      • setKeyRevision

        public void setKeyRevision​(int major,
                                   int minor)
      • getModelPixelScaleX

        public double getModelPixelScaleX()
      • getModelPixelScaleY

        public double getModelPixelScaleY()
      • getModelPixelScaleZ

        public double getModelPixelScaleZ()
      • setModelPixelScale

        public void setModelPixelScale​(double x,
                                       double y)
      • setModelPixelScale

        public void setModelPixelScale​(double x,
                                       double y,
                                       double z)
      • getNumModelTiePoints

        public int getNumModelTiePoints()
      • getModelTiePoint

        public TiePoint getModelTiePoint()
      • getModelTiePointAt

        public TiePoint getModelTiePointAt​(int index)
      • setModelTiePoint

        public void setModelTiePoint​(double i,
                                     double j,
                                     double x,
                                     double y)
      • setModelTiePoint

        public void setModelTiePoint​(double i,
                                     double j,
                                     double k,
                                     double x,
                                     double y,
                                     double z)
      • addModelTiePoint

        public void addModelTiePoint​(double i,
                                     double j,
                                     double x,
                                     double y)
      • addModelTiePoint

        public void addModelTiePoint​(double i,
                                     double j,
                                     double k,
                                     double x,
                                     double y,
                                     double z)
      • getNumGeoKeyEntries

        public int getNumGeoKeyEntries()
      • getGeoKeyEntryAt

        public GeoKeyEntry getGeoKeyEntryAt​(int index)
      • getGeoKeyEntry

        public GeoKeyEntry getGeoKeyEntry​(int keyID)
      • hasGeoKeyEntry

        public boolean hasGeoKeyEntry​(int keyID)
      • getGeoShortParam

        public int getGeoShortParam​(int keyID)
      • getGeoDoubleParam

        public double getGeoDoubleParam​(int keyID)
      • getGeoDoubleParams

        public double[] getGeoDoubleParams​(int keyID)
      • getGeoDoubleParams

        public double[] getGeoDoubleParams​(int keyID,
                                           double[] values)
      • getGeoAsciiParam

        public String getGeoAsciiParam​(int keyID)
        Gives access to the GeoAscii tiff content for the specified GeoKey metatag.

        Returns null in case the ascii params is not present.

        keyID - the MetaTag to look for.
        null in case the ascii params is not present, otherwise the metatag content.
      • addGeoShortParam

        public GeoKeyEntry addGeoShortParam​(int keyID,
                                            int value)
      • addGeoDoubleParam

        public void addGeoDoubleParam​(int keyID,
                                      double value)
      • addGeoDoubleParams

        public void addGeoDoubleParams​(int keyID,
                                       double[] values)
      • addGeoAscii

        public void addGeoAscii​(int keyID,
                                String value)
      • assignTo

        public void assignTo​(Element element)
      • createRootTree

        public Element createRootTree()
      • getGeoKeyDirectoryTag

        protected static TIFFTag getGeoKeyDirectoryTag()
      • getGeoDoubleParamsTag

        protected static TIFFTag getGeoDoubleParamsTag()
      • getGeoAsciiParamsTag

        protected static TIFFTag getGeoAsciiParamsTag()
      • getModelPixelScaleTag

        protected static TIFFTag getModelPixelScaleTag()
      • getModelTiePointTag

        protected static TIFFTag getModelTiePointTag()
      • getModelTransformationTag

        protected static TIFFTag getModelTransformationTag()
      • getAsciiTag

        protected static TIFFTag getAsciiTag​(String set,
                                             int tagID)
      • getNoDataTag

        protected static TIFFTag getNoDataTag()
      • setModelTransformation

        public void setModelTransformation​(AffineTransform rasterToModel)
      • getNoData

        public double getNoData()
      • setNoData

        public void setNoData​(double noData)
      • setTiffTagsMetadata

        public void setTiffTagsMetadata​(Map<String,​String> metadata)
        Allows to setup metadata by leveraging on Ascii TIFF Tags.