Class GeoKeyEntry

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    public final class GeoKeyEntry
    extends Object
    implements Comparable<GeoKeyEntry>
    This class is a holder for a GeoKey record containing four short values as specified in the GeoTiff spec. The values are a GeoKey ID, the TIFFTag number of the location of this data, the count of values for this GeoKey, and the offset (or value if the location is 0).

    If the Tiff Tag location is 0, then the value is a Short and is contained in the offset. Otherwise, there is one or more value in the specified external Tiff tag. The number is specified by the count field, and the offset into the record is the offset field.

    Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions, Mike Nidel
    • Constructor Detail

      • GeoKeyEntry

        public GeoKeyEntry​(int keyID,
                           int tagLoc,
                           int count,
                           int offset)
        Constructor of a GeoKeyEntry.
        keyID - the id of this GeoKeyEntry.
        tagLoc - the location of this tag.
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        public boolean equals​(Object obj)
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        public int hashCode()
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        public String toString()
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      • getKeyID

        public int getKeyID()
      • getTiffTagLocation

        public int getTiffTagLocation()
      • getCount

        public int getCount()
      • getValueOffset

        public int getValueOffset()
      • setCount

        public void setCount​(int count)
      • setKeyID

        public void setKeyID​(int keyID)
      • setTiffTagLocation

        public void setTiffTagLocation​(int tagLoc)
      • setValueOffset

        public void setValueOffset​(int valueOffset)
      • getValues

        public int[] getValues()
      • compareTo

        public int compareTo​(GeoKeyEntry o)
        According to GeoTIff spec:

        In the TIFF spec it is required that TIFF tags be written out to the file in tag-ID sorted order. This is done to avoid forcing software to perform N-squared sort operations when reading and writing tags.

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        compareTo in interface Comparable<GeoKeyEntry>