Interface FeatureId

    • Method Detail

      • getID

        String getID()
        The identifier value, which is a string.
        Specified by:
        getID in interface Identifier
      • matches

        boolean matches​(Object feature)
        Evaluates the identifer value against the given feature.
        Specified by:
        matches in interface Identifier
        feature - The feature to be tested.
        true if a match, otherwise false.
      • equalsExact

        boolean equalsExact​(FeatureId id)
        Check if the provided FeatureId is an exact match (including any optional version information).
        true if this is an exact match (including any optional version information)
      • equalsFID

        boolean equalsFID​(FeatureId id)
        Checks if the provided FeatureId reflects the same feature.

        This comparison does not compare any optional version information.

        true if both identifiers describe the same feature (does not compare version information).
      • getRid

        String getRid()
        id of the resource that shall be selected by the predicate.

        Equals to getID() if no feature version is provided, or getID() + "@" + getFeatureVersion() if getFeatureVersion() != null

        If an implementation that references this International Standard supports versioning, the rid shall be a system generated hash containing a logical resource identifier and a version number. The specific details of the hash are implementation dependant and shall be opaque to a client

        If versioning is not supported, the same value than getID() shall be returned.

        Resource identifier made up of FID (combined with FeatureVersion if available)
      • getPreviousRid

        String getPreviousRid()
        previousRid attribute may be used, in implementations that support versioning, to report the previous identifier of a resource.
        Previous rid if available; or null
      • getFeatureVersion

        String getFeatureVersion()
        Version identifier for the feature instance, may be null
        Optional version information; null if not available
        See Also:
        getID(), getRid()