ContentDataStore TutorialΒΆ

The GeoTools project strives to support as many geographical data formats as possible. This tutorial is provided to help you hook your data directly into the GeoTools API. In order to transform a data format into the GeoTools feature representation one must write an implementation of the DataStore interface.

Once a DataStore implementation is written, any information written in that format becomes available not only for GeoTools users, but also for projects built on top of GeoTools such as GeoServer, GeoMajas, GeoScript and uDig.

Writing a new DataStore for GeoTools is one of the best ways to get involved in the project, as writing it will make clear many of the core concepts of the API. The modular nature of GeoTools allows new DataStores to quickly become part of the next release, so that new formats can quickly be distributed to all GeoTools users.



AbstractDataStore is the original GeoTools 2.0 class; since that time we have learned a number of tricks and have a much easier starting point for you in the form of ContentDataStore.

Thus far JDBCDataStore, ShapefileDataStore and WFSDataStore have each migrated to a ng (for next generation) implementation based on ContentDataStore. Anyone else still using AbstractDataStore should make migration plans now!


This is an intermediate workshop -if you are unfamiliar with mapping concepts you may wish to try the tutorials on features, geometries and coordinate reference systems first.

Due to the length of this workshop we will create our data store in stages, trying out the functionality as we implement.