Interfaces for GeoSpatial concepts, often defined by the OGC or ISO standards bodies. The interfaces in this module serve as a great reference if you do not have the time to purchase and read the official standards documents. Approach the standards using an environment you are comfortable with - Java!


gt-api module

GeoTools is all about implementing spatial solutions, and we do our very best to follow a “don’t invent here” policy (rather than get off topic). By referencing standards we are able to use well understood names for common spatial ideas and constructs.

The gt-api module provides:

  • interfaces implemented by gt-main such as Feature, FeatureType, Filter and Function

  • interfaces implemented by gt-coverage such as GridCoverage

  • interfaces implemented by gt-referencing such as CoordinateReferenceSystem

  • interfaces implemented by gt-metadata such as Citation

For more information on the standards covered by the library as whole: Standards Covered