Class ListZoomContext

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    public class ListZoomContext
    extends MedialZoomContext
    A zoom context specified by an explicit list of scale denominators.
    Kevin Smith, Boundless
    • Constructor Detail

      • ListZoomContext

        public ListZoomContext​(List<Double> scales,
                               int initial)
      • ListZoomContext

        public ListZoomContext​(List<Double> scales)
    • Method Detail

      • validate

        public static void validate​(List<Double> scales)
        Checks if the list contains a decreasing sequence of finite, positive, non-null values.
        IllegalArgumentException - if the values are not decreasing, positive, and finite.
        NullPointerException - if any values are null.
      • getScaleDenominator

        public double getScaleDenominator​(int level)
        Description copied from interface: ZoomContext
        Find the reciprocal of the scale at a specified zoom level in this context.
        level - The level
        The scale denominator
      • isInRange

        public boolean isInRange​(int level)
        Description copied from interface: ZoomContext
        Is the given level within the range for which the context has clearly defined scales.