Interface Translator

    • Method Detail

      • getNamespaceSupport

        NamespaceSupport getNamespaceSupport()
        Obtain the namespace prefixes and URIs to be included in the output document.
        An instance of NamespaceSupport.
      • getDefaultNamespace

        String getDefaultNamespace()
        Get the default URI used by this Translator for encoding. Optional.
      • getDefaultPrefix

        String getDefaultPrefix()
        Get the default prefix used by this Translator for encoding. Optional.
      • encode

        void encode​(Object o)
             throws IllegalArgumentException
        Encode the object.
        o - The Object to encode.
        IllegalArgumentException - if the Object is not encodeable.
      • abort

        void abort()
        Abort any translating activity. This is needed as some translators iterate internally on a data structure. The abort method should silently fail or succeed based upon the state of a translation.