Class CompositeFeatureCollection

    • Constructor Detail

      • CompositeFeatureCollection

        public CompositeFeatureCollection​(List<FeatureCollection> collections)
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      • openIterator

        protected Iterator<SimpleFeature> openIterator()
                                                throws IOException
        Description copied from class: DataFeatureCollection
        Returns a FeatureWriterIterator, or FeatureReaderIterator over content.

        If you have a way to tell that you are readonly please subclass with a less hardcore check - this implementations catches a UnsupportedOpperationsException from wrtier()!

        openIterator in class DataFeatureCollection
        Iterator, should be closed closeIterator
      • getSchema

        public SimpleFeatureType getSchema()
        Description copied from interface: FeatureCollection
        The schema for the child feature members of this collection.

        Represents the most general FeatureType in common to all the features in this collection.

        • For a collection backed by a shapefiles (or database tables) the FeatureType returned by getSchema() will complete describe each and every child in the collection.
        • For mixed content FeatureCollections you will need to check the FeatureType of each Feature as it is retrived from the collection
        • The degenerate case returns the "_Feature" FeatureType, where the only thing known is that the contents are Features.
        Specified by:
        getSchema in interface FeatureCollection<SimpleFeatureType,​SimpleFeature>
        getSchema in class DataFeatureCollection
        FeatureType describing the "common" schema to all child features of this collection
      • addAll

        public boolean addAll​(Collection arg0)
        Description copied from class: DataFeatureCollection
        Optimized implementation of addAll that recognizes the use of collections obtained with subCollection( filter ).

        This method is constructed by either:

        • Filter OR
        • Removing an extact match of Filter AND
        addAll in class DataFeatureCollection
      • getIdentifier

        public FeatureId getIdentifier()