Class WCSConfiguration

  • public class WCSConfiguration
    extends Configuration
    Parser configuration for the schema.
    • Constructor Detail

      • WCSConfiguration

        public WCSConfiguration()
        Creates a new configuration.
    • Method Detail

      • registerBindings

        protected void registerBindings​(Map<QName,​Object> bindings)
        Description copied from class: Configuration
        Registers the bindings for the configuration.

        This method is intended to provide the "default" bindings for a configuration and is not intended to be subclassed by client code. Client code should use Configuration.configureBindings(MutablePicoContainer) to override/remove/add new bindings on the fly.

        The key of the bindings map is of type QName. The value can be class, or an instance. In the case of a class, the binding will be instantiated by the parser at runtime. In the instance case the binding will be used as is.

        registerBindings in class Configuration
      • configureContext

        protected void configureContext​(MutablePicoContainer container)
        Description copied from class: Configuration
        Configures the root context to be used when parsing elements.

        The context satisfies any dependencies needed by a binding. This is often a factory used to create something.

        This method should be overridden. The default implementation does nothing.

        configureContext in class Configuration
        container - The container representing the context.