Class WebMercatorZoomLevel

  • public class WebMercatorZoomLevel
    extends ZoomLevel
    The WebMercatorTileService is an abstract class that holds some of the tile service logic for Mercator-based tile services.
    to.srwn, Ugo Taddei
    • Constructor Detail

      • WebMercatorZoomLevel

        public WebMercatorZoomLevel​(int zoomLevel)
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      • calculateMaxTilePerColNumber

        public int calculateMaxTilePerColNumber​(int zoomLevel)
        The maximum tile-number: For example at zoom-level 2, the tilenames are in the following range: 2/0/0 - 2/3/3 (zoom-level/x/y): zoom-level/2^(zoom-level)-1/2^(zoom-level)-1)
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        calculateMaxTilePerColNumber in class ZoomLevel