Class StyledLayerDescriptorImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class StyledLayerDescriptorImpl
    extends Object
    implements StyledLayerDescriptor
    Holds styling information (from a StyleLayerDescriptor document).

    This class is based on version 1.0 of the SLD specification.

    For many of us in geotools this is the reason we came along for the ride - a pretty picture. For documentation on the use of this class please consult the SLD 1.0 specification.

    We may experiment with our own (or SLD 1.1) ideas but will mark such experiments for you. This is only an issue of you are considering writing out these objects for interoptability with other systems.

    General strategy for supporting multiple SLD versions (and experiments):

    • These classes will be BIGGER and more capabile then any one specification
    • We can define (and support) explicit interfaces tracking each version (preferably GeoAPI would hold these)
    • We can use Factories (aka SLD1Factory and SLD1_1Factory and SEFactory) to support the creation of conformant datastructures. Code (such as user interfaces) can be parameratized with these factories when they need to confirm to an exact version supported by an individual service. We hope that specifications are always adaptive, and will be forced to throw unsupported exceptions when functionality is removed from a specification.