Class WindBarbsFactory

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    public class WindBarbsFactory
    extends Object
    implements MarkFactory
    Factory to produce WindBarbs. Urls for wind barbs are in the form: windbarbs://default(speed_value)[units_of_measure]

    TODO: We may consider adding a FLAG to say whether the arrows are toward wind (meteo convention) or against wind (ocean convention)

    Daniele Romagnoli, GeoSolutions SAS
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      Shape getShape​(Graphics2D graphics, Expression symbolUrl, Feature feature)
      Return a shape with the given url.
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        public static final AffineTransform SOUTHERN_EMISPHERE_FLIP
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      • WindBarbsFactory

        public WindBarbsFactory()
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      • getShape

        public Shape getShape​(Graphics2D graphics,
                              Expression symbolUrl,
                              Feature feature)
        Return a shape with the given url.
        Specified by:
        getShape in interface MarkFactory
        symbolUrl - the expression that will return the symbol name. Once evaluated the expression should return something like plainName or like protocol://path. See the actual implementations for details on the kind of supported name.
        feature - The feature that will be used to evaluate the symbolURL expression (or to extract data from it, think complex attributes, in that case a visit to the expression and some direct attribute value extraction might be needed instead)
        See Also:
        MarkFactory.getShape(java.awt.Graphics2D, org.opengis.filter.expression.Expression, org.opengis.feature.Feature)