Class ChannelSelectionUpdateStyleVisitor

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    public class ChannelSelectionUpdateStyleVisitor
    extends DuplicatingStyleVisitor
    ChannelSelectionUpdateStyleVisitor is a DuplicatingStyleVisitor that is used to "reset" style symbolizer's selection channel order when the GridCoverageReader used to read a coverage supports band selection. If a reader supports band selection then channel ordering is done by band selection from the reader, so symbolizer does not need to re-apply selection channel order.

    Also, see AbstractGridFormat.BANDS for the reader band selection parameter description.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ChannelSelectionUpdateStyleVisitor

        public ChannelSelectionUpdateStyleVisitor​(SelectedChannelType[] channels)
    • Method Detail

      • getBandIndicesFromSelectionChannels

        public static int[] getBandIndicesFromSelectionChannels​(RasterSymbolizer symbolizer)
        Returns an int[] containing the indices of the coverage bands that are used for the symbolizer's selection channels
        symbolizer - The input symbolizer
        the band indices array (null if no channel selection was present in symbolizer)