Class AccessDialectEpsgFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • AccessDialectEpsgFactory

        public AccessDialectEpsgFactory​(Hints userHints,
                                        Connection connection)
        Constructs an authority factory using the specified connection.
        userHints - The underlying factories used for objects creation.
        connection - The connection to the underlying EPSG database.
    • Method Detail

      • adaptSQL

        protected String adaptSQL​(String statement)
        Invoked when a new PreparedStatement is about to be created from a SQL string.

        Since the EPSG database is available mainly in MS-Access format, and this is the target of our super class, we have no work to do here.

        Specified by:
        adaptSQL in class AbstractEpsgFactory
        statement - The statement in MS-Access syntax.
        The SQL statement to use. This implementation returns the string unchanged.