Interface Process

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    AbstractFeatureCollectionProcess, AbstractProcess, FeatureToFeatureProcess, SimpleProcess

    public interface Process
    A Process that returns a result and reports progress. Implementors define a single method called execute that accepts the inputs to process and a ProgressListener.

    The Process interface is similar to Callable, in that both are designed for classes whose instances are potentially executed by another thread. A Callable, however, does not report progress.

    The Executors class contains utility methods to convert from other common forms to Callable classes.

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    /** Used to process inputs and is reported using a ProgressListener. Results are available after being run.
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      • execute

        Map<String,​Object> execute​(Map<String,​Object> input,
                                         ProgressListener monitor)
                                  throws ProcessException
        Execute this process with the provided inputs.
        input - Input parameters for this process
        monitor - listener for handling the progress of the process
        Map of results, (@see ProcessFactory for details), or null if canceled