Class WMTSMapLayer

  • public class WMTSMapLayer
    extends GridReaderLayer
    Wraps a WMTS layer into a Layer for interactive rendering usage.

    TODO: expose a GetFeatureInfo that returns a feature collection

    TODO: expose the list of named styles and allow choosing which style to use

    Ian Turton, Emanuele Tajariol (etj at geo-solutions dot it)
    • Method Detail

      • getBounds

        public ReferencedEnvelope getBounds()
        Description copied from class: Layer
        The bounds of the Layer content (if known). The bounds can be used to determine if any of the layers content is "on screen" when rendering the map; however often it is expensive to calculate a layers bounds up front so we are allowing this value to be optional.

        The returned bounds are a ReferencedEnvelope using the same CoordinateReferenceSystem as the layers contents.

        getBounds in class GridReaderLayer
        layer bounds, null if unknown
      • getCoordinateReferenceSystem

        public CoordinateReferenceSystem getCoordinateReferenceSystem()
        Returns the CRS used to make requests to the remote WMTS
      • isNativelySupported

        public boolean isNativelySupported​(CoordinateReferenceSystem crs)
        Returns true if the specified CRS can be used directly to perform WMTS requests.

        Natively supported crs will provide the best rendering quality as no client side reprojection is necessary, the tiles coming from the WMTS server will be used as-is

      • getRawTime

        public String getRawTime()
      • setRawTime

        public void setRawTime​(String rawTime)
        Set request Time the way the server wants it