Class WMSCoverageReader

    • Field Detail

      • LOGGER

        public static final Logger LOGGER
        The logger for the map module.
    • Constructor Detail

      • WMSCoverageReader

        public WMSCoverageReader​(WebMapServer wms,
                                 Layer layer)
        Builds a new WMS coverage reader
      • WMSCoverageReader

        public WMSCoverageReader​(WebMapServer wms,
                                 Layer layer,
                                 String style)
      • WMSCoverageReader

        public WMSCoverageReader​(WebMapServer wms,
                                 Layer layer,
                                 String style,
                                 String preferredFormat)
    • Method Detail

      • getDefaultFormat

        public String getDefaultFormat​(List<String> formats)
      • getFeatureInfo

        public InputStream getFeatureInfo​(Position2D pos,
                                          String infoFormat,
                                          int featureCount,
                                          GetMapRequest getmap)
                                   throws IOException
        Issues GetFeatureInfo against a point using the params of the last GetMap request
      • read

        public GridCoverage2D read​(GeneralParameterValue[] parameters)
                            throws IllegalArgumentException,
        Description copied from class: AbstractGridCoverage2DReader
        Read the current grid coverage from the stream.


        Specified by:
        read in interface GridCoverage2DReader
        Specified by:
        read in interface GridCoverageReader
        Specified by:
        read in class AbstractGridCoverage2DReader
        parameters - Optional parameters matching Format.getReadParameters().
        a grid coverage from the input source.
        InvalidParameterNameException - if a parameter in parameters doesn't have a recognized name.
        InvalidParameterValueException - if a parameter in parameters doesn't have a valid value.
        ParameterNotFoundException - if a parameter was required for the operation but was not provided in the parameters list.
        IOException - if a read operation failed for some other input/output reason, including FileNotFoundException if no file with the given name can be found, or IIOException if an error was thrown by the underlying image library.
      • getFormat

        public Format getFormat()
        Description copied from interface: GridCoverageReader
        Returns the format handled by this GridCoverageReader.
      • updateBounds

        public void updateBounds()
        Returns the layer bounds
      • getLayers

        public List<Layer> getLayers()
        fetch the WMS Layers used in this coverage.
        the layers
      • getStyles

        public List<String> getStyles()
        fetch the names of the styles used in this layer. Empty string means the default style.
        the style names.