Class PositionType2DBinding

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Binding, SimpleBinding

    public class PositionType2DBinding
    extends AbstractSimpleBinding
    Binding object for the type

      <simpleType name="PositionType2D">
              <documentation>Two-dimensional position instances hold the longitude and latitude coordinates of a position in the 2D WGS 84 coordinate reference system. The longitude value shall be listed first, followed by the latitude value, both in decimal degrees. Latitude values shall range from -90 to +90 degrees, and longitude values shall normally range from -180 to +180 degrees. For the longitude axis, special conditions apply when the bounding box is continuous across the +/- 180 degrees meridian longitude value discontinuity:
      a)  If the bounding box is continuous clear around the Earth, then longitude values of minus and plus infinity shall be used.
      b)  If the bounding box is continuous across the value discontinuity but is not continuous clear around the Earth, then some non-normal value can be used if specified for a specific OWS use of the WGS84BoundingBoxType. For more information, see Subclauses 10.4.5 and C.13. </documentation>
          <restriction base="ows:PositionType">
              <length value="2"/>
    • Constructor Detail

      • PositionType2DBinding

        public PositionType2DBinding​(Ows10Factory factory)
    • Method Detail

      • getTarget

        public QName getTarget()
        The qualified name of the target for the binding.
      • getType

        public Class getType()
        The java type this binding maps to.
      • parse

        public Object parse​(InstanceComponent instance,
                            Object value)
                     throws Exception
        Specified by:
        parse in interface SimpleBinding
        parse in class AbstractSimpleBinding
        instance - The component being parsed.
        value - The result of the parse from another strategy in the type hierarchy. Could be null if this is the first strategy being executed.
        The parsed object, or null if the component could not be parsed.