Class ExceptionTypeBinding

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Binding, ComplexBinding

    public class ExceptionTypeBinding
    extends AbstractComplexEMFBinding
    Binding object for the type

      <complexType name="ExceptionType">
              <documentation>An Exception element describes one detected error that a server chooses to convey to the client. </documentation>
              <element maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0"
                  name="ExceptionText" type="string">
                      <documentation>Ordered sequence of text strings that describe this specific exception or error. The contents of these strings are left open to definition by each server implementation. A server is strongly encouraged to include at least one ExceptionText value, to provide more information about the detected error than provided by the exceptionCode. When included, multiple ExceptionText values shall provide hierarchical information about one detected error, with the most significant information listed first. </documentation>
          <attribute name="exceptionCode" type="string" use="required">
                  <documentation>A code representing the type of this exception, which shall be selected from a set of exceptionCode values specified for the specific service operation and server. </documentation>
          <attribute name="locator" type="string" use="optional">
                  <documentation>When included, this locator shall indicate to the client where an exception was encountered in servicing the client's operation request. This locator should be included whenever meaningful information can be provided by the server. The contents of this locator will depend on the specific exceptionCode and OWS service, and shall be specified in the OWS Implementation Specification. </documentation>
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExceptionTypeBinding

        public ExceptionTypeBinding​(Ows10Factory factory)
    • Method Detail

      • getTarget

        public QName getTarget()
        The qualified name of the target for the binding.
      • parse

        public Object parse​(ElementInstance instance,
                            Node node,
                            Object value)
                     throws Exception
        Specified by:
        parse in interface ComplexBinding
        parse in class AbstractComplexEMFBinding
        instance - The element being parsed.
        node - The node in the parse tree representing the element being parsed.
        value - The result of the parse from another strategy in the type hierarchy. Could be null if this is the first strategy being executed.
        The parsed object, or null if the component could not be parsed.
        Exception - Strategy objects should not attempt to handle any exceptions.