Class DirectLayer

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    MessageDirectLayer, TileLayer

    public abstract class DirectLayer
    extends Layer
    A Layer directly responsible for its own rendering.

    Direct layers are responsible for their own rendering and are useful for:

    • Map Decorations such as legends or scalebars that depend only on the map and viewport and do not actually make use of external data.
    • Data services that are visual in nature, such as a Web Map Service (which you can think of as an external renderer)
    • You may also consider data formats, such as CAD files, where the style information is "baked into" the data format as suitable for a DirectLayer. In these cases you are only going for a visual display and are not making the raw features available to the geotools library for use.
    While any and all data sources could be wrapped up as a DirectLayer we encourage you to consider a separate data mode, style model and renderer.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DirectLayer

        protected DirectLayer()
    • Method Detail

      • draw

        public abstract void draw​(Graphics2D graphics,
                                  MapContent map,
                                  MapViewport viewport)
        Draw layer contents onto screen
        map - Map being drawn; check map bounds and crs
        graphics - Graphics to draw into
        viewport - Area to draw the map into; including screen area