Class CoordinateHandlerFinder

  • public final class CoordinateHandlerFinder
    extends Object
    Enable programs to find all available CoordinateHandler implementations.

    In order to be located by this finder modules must provide an implementation of the CoordinateHandlerSpi interface.

    In addition to implementing this interface, this service file should be defined:

    META-INF/services/ *


    Daniele Romagnoli, GeoSolutions
    • Method Detail

      • getAvailableHandlers

        public static Set<CoordinateHandlerSpi> getAvailableHandlers()
        Finds all available implementations of CoordinateHandlerSpi which have registered using the services mechanism.
        An unmodifiable Set of all discovered modules which have registered factories
      • scanForPlugins

        public static void scanForPlugins()
        Scans for factory plug-ins on the application class path. This method is needed because the application class path can theoretically change, or additional plug-ins may become available. Rather than re-scanning the classpath on every invocation of the API, the class path is scanned automatically only on the first invocation. Clients can call this method to prompt a re-scan. Thus this method need only be invoked by sophisticated applications which dynamically make new plug-ins available at runtime.