Class DepthFirstIterator

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    public class DepthFirstIterator
    extends BreadthFirstIterator
    Iterates over the nodes of a graph in a Depth First Search pattern starting from a specified node. The following illustrates the iteration order.

    The iteration operates by maintaning a node queue of active nodes. An active node is a node that will returned at a later stage of the i teration. The node queue for a Depth First iteration is implemented as a Last In First Out queue (a Stack). A node is placed in the the node queue if it has not been visited, and it is adjacent to a a node that has been visited. The node queue intially contains only the source node of the traversal.
    Justin Deoliveira, Refractions Research Inc,
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      • DepthFirstIterator

        public DepthFirstIterator()
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        protected Queue<Graphable> buildQueue​(Graph graph)
        Builds the node queue for the Iteration.
        buildQueue in class BreadthFirstIterator
        graph - The graph of the iteration.
        A Last In First Out queue (Stack)